a little about me...

︎︎︎ a VERY serious self portrait, saint sebastian style
hi there!

my name’s courtney, or court, whichever you prefer. you could also call me crvptozoology i guess, but that’s hard to say out loud. i’m a working illustrator and author currently working out of portland, maine. i’ve loved drawing the things i love since i picked up a crayon and tried to draw snoopy for the first time, and that love and passion has taken me through my BFA at maine college of art & design in illustration.

queerness is at the center of my work: as a non-binary artist, i find that viewpoint to be essential to fully understanding my art. this has manifested itself in different ways; at the moment, my main areas of interest are horror, with how the genre deals with otherness and catharsis, and alchemy, with the grappling between escapism and reality. questioning and exploring what is conventionally real, that sort of otherworldly, liminal space, and moving into more emotional and evocative ways of telling stories is very interesting to me. 

when not drawing, i’m either playing stardew valley, watching a horror movie, or spending time at the library.

frequently asked questions...

what do you use to draw?
procreate, heavypaint, and/or clip studio paint on my ipad pro. i also use assorted pens (fountain + felt tip), oil paint, risograph printing...all sorts of things.

why “crvptozoology”?
it was originally a reference to the b-side of run dry (x heart x fingers) by patrick stump. i do like the field of cryptozoology, but the song’s the main reason why. the username spelled correctly was already taken, so i swapped the y with a v. and here we are, eight years later...

what inspires you?
all sorts of things! film, tv, music, books, the art from my friends, the world around me, nature, electronics, history...i could keep going

how’d you develop your style?
i take little bits and pieces from artwork and artists that i admire, and fold it into what i’m already doing. like a dough. or a primordial soup.

let’s keep in touch!

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